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Empower Ministries International is a global missions organization that exists to strengthen and equip national churches around the world, and to assist in revitalizing the Church in America.



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Our Core Values

He Builds…We Strengthen…His Church

The following Core Values and Distinctives set Empower Ministries InternationalSM apart as being unique in the world of Christian missions. God has breathed life into this ministry and has commissioned us to strengthen and equip national church planting ministries. To accomplish this task, under the blessing and anointing of God, these Core Values and Distinctives must be clearly adhered to.

Relationship with the National Church

We are:
  • Generous in providing assistance free of charge and without obligation to national believers
  • Inconspicuous with a goal of losing our identity in the Global Church and honoring what God is building   
  • Advocates and representatives of the mission and calling of the National Church
  • Approachable by national church planting movements seeking assistance

Financial Standards of Conduct

We practice:
  • Dependence upon the Holy Spirit to bring in needed funding for projects and administrative costs
  • Inspiration in sharing positive reports of church expansion rather than employing fundraising techniques
    that utilize pressure to elicit funds from perspective donors
  • Integrity in the presentation of financial reports and statements
  • Honesty in representing international projects and costs
  • Honoring our donors’ designations of their gifts to projects

Relationship with the North American Church

We value:
  • Accountability to donors as their trusted link to national believers
  • Truthfulness in relating stories from our national ministry partners  
  • Accuracy in reporting the size, international scope and income of Empower Ministries International
  • Impartiality in dealing with donors of varying wealth and position
  • Encouragement of spiritually hungry believers by sharing the secrets of international revival

Standards within Empower Ministries InternationalSM

We adhere to:
  • Ethical, moral and Christ-like behavior at all levels of ministry and leadership 
  • “Bondservant” attitudes (Philippians 2:5) to be maintained by all employees and leadership     
  • Reasonable and modest levels of compensation for all staff  
  • Frugality in controlling national administration expenses and travel

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Our Strategy

Internationally we provide:

  • Bibles, New Testaments, Gospels
  • Short-term national worker support (food, housing, clothing)
  • Discipleship material and scripture-based tracts for national church-planting ministries
  • Training seminars and pastor's libraries
  • Bicycles, motorcycles, lanterns and other tools to enhance the efforts of national workers


In America we provide:

  • Publications to communicate the principles of the spiritual awakenings that are evident overseas
  • American believers with the transferable concepts of spiritual vitality we find abroad, by providing inspiration 
    through exciting news reports from our overseas partners


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Our Distinctives


Empower Ministries InternationalSM SENDS resources to those national ministries that have moral and financial integrity, 
sound doctrine and rapid expansion.



Empower Ministries InternationalSM SEARCHES out and follows God's leading to areas of the world where a small investment 
can produce major results in evangelism and church planting.



Empower Ministries InternationalSM STRETCHES every dollar at home and internationally, resulting in the greatest possible impact.

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Our Rationale

National Workers are:

  • Fluent in their native language
  • Already resident in their area of ministry
  • Supported for as little as $250 to $1,000 per year
  • Proven communicators of the Gospel to fellow countrymen
  • Culturally adjusted
  • Able to live and work effectively in harsh economic and hostile religious environments

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Our Financial Policies

Operating on a firm foundation of integrity and cost-effectiveness in operations, Empower Ministries InternationalSM is:

  • A 501(C)(3) charity and all donations are tax deductible.
  • Certified as a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.
  • Governed by a dedicated Board of Directors made up of professionals, clergy and business people, and bring a broad range 
    of expertise and a wealth of experience to the ministry.
  • Complying fully with the rules set forth by the IRS for participation in international projects.
  • Wisely investing the funds entrusted to us by our partners in ministry. We own no buildings and incur no debt.

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Our Commitment

As stewards of the gifts you entrust to us, we pledge to serve you with integrity, efficiency and

accountability, "faithfully administering God's grace" (1 Peter 4:10).

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Our Statement of Faith

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Our Privacy Policy

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