TOP PRIORITY PROJECTS 2016 - Opportunities To Donate

Bibles ($2 - $3.25 ea.) and New Testaments ($.75 - $1 ea.)
God's Word New Testaments Bibles grow Christian believer
Bibles and New Testaments are urgently needed in so many areas of the world where God is moving in powerful ways. Having access to God's Word helps new believers grow in Christ and enables them to stand in faith to counteract fear and confusion.
Bibles can be provided for between $2 and $3.25 each, and New Testaments for between $.75 and $1 each.
Incredibly small investments with extremely high rates of return in God's economy!


Biblical Pastoral Training $10 - $20 per day
ongoing training national church planters pastors
Biblical pastoral training is necessary to augment the studies of the pastors and church planters in order to keep the leadership and the churches strong and healthy.
This vital support enables pastors and church planters to attend specific training to continue to deepen their Bible knowledge in order to evangelize and minister more effectively and strengthen new believers. A pastor/church planter can be transported, trained, and housed for the very low cost of $10 to $20/day.  
Biblical pastoral training costs between $10 and $20 per person per day.